Autumn Wyatt

Autumn Wyatt

Saturday, September 20, 2014


"Roll out the Airedale, we'll have a barrel of FUN!"
"Roll out the Airedale, we have the squirrels on the RUN!"

Roll out the Bratwurst
No dog's on a diet today.....
Roll out the Airedale and we'll ALL PLAY!

Oktoberfest starts with the bratwurst.


You better do a recount mister!!
We are a family of FOUR !

Get your Brat ON!!

Wyatt and Stanzie

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Thursday, September 18, 2014

See Beach, See Food, See Fun

We always go to the beach for a few days in the fall.
The weather is great and we have the place to ourselves.

We take our time going down....
This time we stopped at Duck Pond Cellars in Dundee, Or. to admire the fish and shop.
Duck Pond Cellars is one of the sponsors of 'Paws for Parkinsons' among other charitable endeavors, so we ♥♥♥ Duck Pond Cellars.

We stopped for artisan sandwiches at Red Hills Market in Dundee.
This is what mom is eating:
House olive tapenade, shaved fennel, Briar Rose chevre, arugula served on baguette

When we hit the coast, we always pick up some smoked salmon and some crab at Barnacle Bills in Lincoln City. We have tried a lot of smoked salmon, but NOBODY does it as well as Barnacle Bills!

Of course we walk and walk and walk.
Dang it, my leash is pinned under the sofa!

I hear the ocean calling me.

I must stay high and dry this trip.

But, I can still help my sister Stanzie sniff out Raccoons in the Escallonia hedge around the beach house! 

Airedales make it fun...ALWAYS!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dogs in the Dahlias

We were just going to stop and pick up a catalog....HEY, dogs are now welcome at Swan Island Dahlias!!

As long as we behave nicely on our leashes, don't walk down the rows, don't step on the blooms and try really hard not to pee on anything.

Yeah, I can do all that!

They even named a Dahlia after Stanzie and I

Look! There's MORE

Purple ones....

Ones with Bees....

Striped ones....

Perfectly Pink Ones...

Stanzie and I, give this place 4 paws up.

Family and Dog Friendly!
Gift Shop, Bulb Catalog and Fresh Cut Bouquets!
Photo Heaven!

Stanzie says:
"Support your local farms, especially the ones that like dogs!"

Wyatt and Stanzie

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Pizza Dog

My folks never let me eat Pizza :(
But the good folks at Pride Bites sent me my very own Pizza!
This Pizza squeaks and floats and flies.

Mmmmm cheese, tomato, mushroom!!
(It's good to have lots of tough toys, while my toe heals.)

Thank You


P.S. Hope you can all comment now. We goofed on our settings, trying to keep all the spam comments away!

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Me, myself, Wyatt

No one will play ball with me.

So, I will remove all the pillows from the sofa.


Monday, September 8, 2014

Gold Star for Stanzie!

This week I'm going RED!

But, the real STAR in the family is Stanzie!
She gets a GOLD star, because she lost another 1/2 pound!!

We are proud SO proud of Stanzie!!

Wyatt and Family

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Leashin' around the Yard

I have to go EVERYWHERE on the leash these days.
Even in my own yard, cuz some doctor said NO SWIMMING!!

So, I take time to see the flowers.

....and I take time to say "Hello" to the neighbors.

They asked me why I am not running the fence line and barking, like I usually do.