NYE 2014

NYE 2014

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Blogville Beach Party!!

Grab your gear and let's go to the beach!

Beach Towel...check
Beach Ball...check

Thanks Andrew and Chewy.com for making the "dog days" of summer, 

Wyatt and Stanzie

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Mom and Dad's Weekend

Cute flowers

Cute Dogs

Wine Caves and Castles (under construction)

Roast Pig

Live Blues



....and Sunsets at
Christopher Bridge Winery, Oregon City, Or.

Then, on Sunday...we set up a "Free Tomato" stand on our road!

Help yourselves,
there are a LOT more on the way!!


(we used some neighbor's phone books to hold up the table...hee-hee)

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Slim Down with Stanzie

If you recall, last month, the vet suggested that Stanzie could drop a couple of pounds.
68 lbs is her goal.
Today, she proudly marched into the vet clinic and jumped on the scale.
The crowd cheered at Stanzie's success in the right direction!

Stanzie would like to share her weight loss secrets:

Chase more squirrels.

Eat low calorie snacks, like these Good Buddy Pumpkin-Apple treats from Castor & Pollux.
The company is right here in Oregon, just down the road!
We got ours shipped right to our door from Chewy.com

They are big round treats.
So, if you break them in half and eat half now and the other half later.
Only 10 calories/ for half! 

Moderation is the key......WYATT!

Supplement those cravings with fresh fruits and vegetables.

Look! My collar is baggy...I'm a new size!!

(I'm trying to reach my goal by my 13th birthday in December!)

Friday, August 15, 2014

A Day Off!

Mom and Dad find themselves stuck at home today, with the work truck making an unexpected trip to the mechanic.
I like it when they stay home!

Here is what my mom has done so far today, on her day off:
6am: Make a big breakfast
7am: Balance the checkbook. 
8 am: Pick Tomatoes
This is what happens when you plant the entire packet of Cherry Tomato seeds!

9:30 am: Finish the scrapbook.

Very nice, Mom!

It's only 11 am.
Now, what are we going to do?


Monday, August 11, 2014

White Horses and White Sneakers

While I was giving the dog sitter a bad time last weekend....refusing to eat, go into my kennel to sleep and being a general pain in the ass.....My parents were in another time zone, attending the wedding of their niece. 
The bride arrived in a full gown and veil, riding a white horse, with hip hop music playing!
Sorry, there are no close up "horse" pictures. Mom, Dad and the camera, were sitting up front. :(

The lovely couple.

The bride wore white high-heeled/ high-topped Adidas Sneakers under her dress.
That's our niece, a true original!

Why did I have to stay home? 
I like horses, I like sneakers, I like weddings!

I'm just SO happy , that you are home.


Stanzie was the "perfect dog" for the sitter.

Friday, August 8, 2014

My Tomato Jungle

Just sittin here, watching em turn red.


Monday, August 4, 2014

Funky Junk Tuesday with Wyatt

We got a Free (whole lot of work) patio set.
An expandable table, 6 chairs and an umbrella, that need some TLC.
First, we scrubbed off the moss and mildew.

Now, we lightly sand.

Tighten up all the screws, so they can hold my weight.

We are going with 'Greyhound Grey'.

It may be awhile, but stay tuned.